Playing with the Faeries

Playing with the Faeries

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1/18/11 Animal Manifestation Visitation Spell Aftermath


After tonight’s Animal Spirit Manifestation spell, I’m tapped out energy wise. It was a very powerful spell.
I asked for my animal spirit totems to join me in my circle to share their knowledge with me. At first, I couldn’t get the right mood set. Candle work wasn’t necessary with this invitation. All I needed was my dragon blood incense and shaman stick. I finally came upon my music destiny for this particular meeting. It was Primeaux and Mike. Let me tell you, wolf came immediately. I wasn’t surprised by this as wolf has always been my within. I also asked panther to come and she was much more squirrelly. It wasn’t until after I played the music that she came. The main purpose of this invitation was to recharge and power my shaman stick and be known to my spirit totems. As I sat there and listened to the music playing, I started swaying involuntarily and my 3rd eye chakra tingled and then immediate head pain started…not in a bad way. It was more an outpouring of power into my stick. It was like I was conduit. As the power passed from me, flashes of my totem faces appeared behind my closed eyes. And then melding of sorts with my own inner spirit or soul. A connection of sorts. Messages were relayed to me in my head. Fragments of information. I felt like a doorway was being opened for me by my totems. I have no idea the course of this road but I’m in it for the ride.
“Your learning is not done”
“be at peace you are going where you are meant to go”
Came into my head.
Images of snow covered fields appeared and felt like I was running toward the unknown. Pictures cascaded thru my head very quickly. The words spoken to me were more like feelings.
I got up and down many times. In one instance I was on all fours. A lot of involuntary swaying. Stick thumping on the floor. I was on a runaway train and had to let it finish.

I started around 10:30 and didn’t get done till 11:45. It was like minutes passed not a whole hour.
Very surreal.
I’ve been having a lot of dreams lately. This morning I had a bad dream of sorts. It was like I was in the dream but I was looking through another’s eyes. The other day, fragments just appeared in my dreams. Pieces of a puzzle.

Any thoughts or comments,
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1/18/11 Animal Manifestation Visitation Spell

Spirit Animal Manifestation
performed on Full Moon 1/18/11

Blue Candle
Red Candle
White candle
Native American Music
Power Stick
Sage, cedar, sweet-grass

Animal totems elements:
Beaver-fire and air
Wolf—water and air
Panther-fire and water

Purpose: To Channel my spirit animals powers into my stick

First step is cleanse a circle around me with sage cedar and sweet-grass and then to light my candle and prepare my candle seating.
Second step is to darken my living room
Third Step is to put on my power music.
Fourth step is to face east

I ask the moon mother for her help in channeling my spirit animal power so I can seek and accept help in my spell-work.
Cleansing my mind of negative energies.
Cleansing my mind of doubt and indecision.
Opening a doorway into my 3rd eye chakra to allow my spirit animal to meet with me in the astral plane
I ask wolf to enter with me into my circle and share knowledge with me.
I ask panther to enter with into my circle and share knowledge with me
I ask beaver to enter with me into my circle and share knowledge with me.
I ask each of you for help and guidance with my spiritual path and spell-work.
I give thanks for the help and guidance you have given me this night.