Playing with the Faeries

Playing with the Faeries

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Friends Rambling 6/30/10


Reading through my old blogs, which sparked this posting.

This blog is about friends,

I'm constantly amazed at the amount of people that “found” me or I “found” them.

As my path goes on, the answers to my questions, slowly are found. I asked for help in my path, and it seems I'm being given help. For this I'm thankful to all my new and old friends who seem to show up when I need them.

Everyone's story is different...can you take a moment to share why you”found” me and why you were “drawn” to me. I'd like to know if we share parallel thoughts on these things.

Short but sweet, only good when short doesn't involve sex :)

Peace and balance,


Monday, June 28, 2010

Mundane Day 6/27/10


We were fairly busy this weekend. Yesterday we went to our friends house for our church gathering. The drummer ended up not showing so we just hung around and had a cookout. But we were able to have a brainstorming session about where we wanted to go. We kinda figured out when to have our monthly meetings. Looks to be the 3rd Saturday of every month. We met a few new people last night.

The moon was beautiful last night. Felt her energy in more ways than one. And today the storms are moving through. Mother Nature at her finest.

My oldest in home again from her vacation in Missouri. She says she is glad to be home where she can relax instead of run around to different places every day. I agree with her. That's the problem with vacations. Too much to do and not enough time to do it.

Someday when I win the lottery, maybe we will take more vacations.

Well today is a pretty lazy day. We aren't doing much but sitting or laying around.

Enough mundane shit for now...

until next time,


Ramblings Spurned by Phone Call in the Car


Phone calls and thoughts in the car..Ranting warned.

So I was talking to my cousin whom I lovingly call bitch about things today. We always have meaningful discussions. We got started on the way the world is today and it escalated so I had to come home and write my thoughts on it.

First of all, I love Mother Earth and try to do what I can. I'm just appalled at the gulf oil disgusts me that BP has the fucking technology but they don't want to lose the oil so this spill continues. Ruining ecosystems and they are fucking arrogant enough to assume that fucking mother nature won't wipe out your asses.

These crazy weather patterns are just a warning. Mother Nature is pissed and she is getting rid of us. It's not fucking Armageddon...God isn't showing his wrath. If there is a God, he's indifferent and we are just specks of grass to him. Mother Nature on the other hand thinks we are weeds in her garden and she is systemically getting rid of the weed with weedkillers such as tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, hurricane, tsunami and other high powered shit.

I'd rather be killed by the Mother because it's the natural order of things. Mother Nature was here millenniums before us and she will be here millenniums after us. We are nothing to her anymore. We are just in her space and she is cleaning house.

I looked at the moon tonight...such beauty and energy flow... I feel it in my soul. It makes me wanna dance in the moonlight..

I think I may do a practice read after a bit with my new deck. It calls me so gently. Good energy to do it tonight too if I'm not too tired.

That's my rant........thanks for following down this path today.

Peace and balance,

Heather aka Earthwindwalker.

Happy Father's Day!


Happy Father's Day to my Dad and my beloved Ryan.

Father's day is just a day. You should appreciate your father every day not just one day. I love my dad each and every day. He is partially responsible for the person I am today. He gave me my strength and beliefs. I've always been a daddy's girl. Me and Dad just understand each other.

Ryan is a great dad, he got 3 kids when he married me and he has really stepped up to the plate with them. He is strict but he loves all the kids and would die for each one if he had to. Someday they will appreciate that he cares for them even if he seems mean at times.

To all the other Dads out there, no matter how you are a dad, thank you! Have a great day everyday.

Peace and balance all,

Heather aka Earthwindwalker

Spiritual Ramblings-Summer Solstice


On the eve of Summer Solstice, I'm reflecting on my spiritual self as I have many times recently. I feel like I'm running out of time. My uncle and I had an interesting spiritual discussion last week when we were there. I brought up the fact that my dad is very closemouthed about his belief system. I know my mom's but not dad's. I've always pondered why I am the way I am and I think it is part of my dad's inner self coming out. They say special abilities have to be hereditary. My uncle brought up the word sou-list. He said you and your dad believe everything has life/soul even the rocks. I've Googled the term but not come up with anything. Patience isn't my best virtue, I'm working on it. Here are the things that draw me spiritually. Tarot divination, animal spirit guides, animal meanings, wind, trees, water, fire, universal creating energy, calling on the elements, empathy, prophetic dreams, cats, soul healing, and tons more. I don't want a definition of who I am, just answers to why I am like I am and why am I here. Just the same old shit everyone else asks themselves.

I've dreamed of myself in a forest with a green cloak upon my shoulders and a book in my hand. In the background is a tower. What is this constant recurring dream that I have? I feel like I'm being told something but what exactly?

I dabbled in Wicca, didn't resonate with me. Native way I respect a lot of the things they believe in but not everything. Drums move me in a way no other instrument can. I feel the beat through my whole body.

My cats always surround me in a triangle..strange brew indeed. Why do they do that? Any cat will come to me, feral or otherwise.

I joined our church because I wanted a place where everything I'm interested in is talked about. Where all belief systems have a voice. I may not agree with all of them but I respect them. I hope our church grows and we have more people join. I like to think that our church is unlike any other church. I'm sure there are churches similar to us. But that doesn't matter because I'm helping to build this one.

I've went off the topic as usual. I love storms and their energy. While others are hiding and scared, I'm exhilarated and energized. What does that mean?

I'm always wondering why I have some many people drawn to me? Why are you drawn to me, please share I would love to hear about it? Don't be shy. Tell me what you like about me that made you decide you needed and wanted to talk to me.

I found it.....Animism...that is really close to what I believe in. Everything has a soul:) or Shaman with Animism tendencies. Again it's a label and I don't want to be defined by a label. Just reading those two words give me light-bulb in my head just now. I looked it up on Wikipedia. Shaman in regards to my soul healing tendencies and animism in regards to everything has a soul or energy.

Well that's all I'm going to ramble on about, but I'm going to set a few tasks for you the reader.

Tell me why you are drawn to me.

Tell me what your belief system is

Tell me how you are going to celebrate summer solstice.

Thanks for reading my ramblings...

Until next post....