Playing with the Faeries

Playing with the Faeries

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mystical Dreams and Ramblings 7/15/10


I see myself sometimes in my dreams...

As a woman of mystical means...

I have a green cloak and a mane of red hair.

Sometimes in my hand is a book..

Another time it's a knife of sorts.

In the background, a gray tower stands..

Another life perhaps or just a dream..

In other dreams, I'm running through the trees

Long white dress flowing freely behind me..

In this one, I have hair that is long and fair.

I come upon a big house...with many doors

I open and shut them...going deeper still.

I feel like someone is following me through

the long and winding corridors...

I call these dreams visions of another life

A calling of sorts....healing and cleansing.

A reminder that I was here before.

This poem was inspired today by Celtic Dream by Enigma. It's a good thing I write as I had a stressful day yesterday. Real life relationship shit. Yesterday was another day in a marriage where I really have to remember that I love my other half. It was very hard..I felt like I was dealing with another kid. I hate days like that. A further truth that marriage isn't easy or simple. For the most part we don't fight but when we do it's a whopper of one. And I hate it. I try not to go to bed mad but some days it's hard. Last night was one of those nights but I did. I kissed him goodnight and went to bed.

It helps when I have people I can talk to now that just listen to me rant. That clears my head and helps me think clearly. I also put my headphones on and started the meditation play-list on my media player and that helped further.

This morning I woke up bright and early, thanks to my fur-kids. Olivia seems to think at 5 in the morning that it's time for me get up and see what she has brought me. Usually her little fur mice toys.

I dread the day when she will bring me a real dead mouse. But that is what she does, she thinks she needs to feed Mommy. I cant help but smile and praise her even when I'm groaning inside about the time of the day. So I got up. Which in the long run was good because my muse was inspired to write today.

I'm off to work in a half hour so I'm going to close this post.

Until next time readers..

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Today I was inspired by Woody Harrelson's Thoughts from Within poem.

Today I give birth to the ideas running in my head. Completely random shit. I dealt with an experience today that showed me that I have changed and became stronger. I don't know if it's the enlightenment I've received in the last few months. The new acquaintances I've met by the sisters Fate. All this while, leading me down my path which is constantly evolving, ever changing, I'm like a phoenix rising out the ashes. New beginnings old endings. This I have a feeling is going to be the way of the world. 2012 will be the end of the old world...and the start of new world, new thinking, another step in the world's journey. I sit here looking of the beauty of my cat's eyes and simplicity in my thoughts of late. Crystal clear clarity is coming to me in flashes of light. Images are revealed to me and I am shown the true beauty of things. The light of the firefly leading my thoughts down the road..their beauty is made even more extraordinary by the short time they have on this earth. Small bursts of life in the pattern. It's all a pattern. That's all it's ever been. It just take some clear thinking to see things. The mask is taken off, the light is shown. Spiritual wisdom is in the experience of your life, not the age that your body is. Your mind is much older...your soul is eternal, constantly reshaping and changing into what it should be.

The muse dances in my head...singing to me specks of inspiration. A whirlwind of energy flows within and outside of me leading me to writing the words on the page. The lifeblood of my energy flows slowly with each keystroke.

Have you ever felt this way? Like you were in the darkness and suddenly shown light. Like a giant flashing in the chaos of thought. Be careful your words and thoughts don't get lost.

I stood outside and watched the stars last night. The immensity of those stars awed me for an instant. The wind blew through my hair, singing me a lullaby. My bare feet touch the earth and I'm grounded. I feel clean for the first time in a long time. Clear of mind and soul. You can feel the lightness of my feet.

The music plays in my mind and relaxes me as I finish this piece of my soul.

I hope you understand what I've wrote today and you comment and share your views on it.

Until next time,