Playing with the Faeries

Playing with the Faeries

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dream Visions 4/12/12

Dream Visions
Since this past weekend, I’ve been given glimpses of things to come. I basically opened up my soul and mind’s eye to what the Creator was trying to tell me. I have a special walking stick that Grandfather Three Paws made me that captured the essence of my totems. I’ve not used it recently. Before the past weekend, I had taken to sleeping in bed with it every night in hopes that I could reconnect to it and I most definitely have. The first night I had the most vivid dreams. Last night was one of those nights. Before I went to sleep, I let my mind clear and just let the stick connect me to the dream/spirit world and opened my soul to receive whatever the creator wanted me to learn. I asked for guidance of my totems and was given snapshots in my mind’s eye. The first snapshot was a beautiful tan mare with a long mane of hair. The second was of a tall young man who had dark hair who was carrying a raven haired girl probably about 5 years old and put her on the horse bareback. Then into the picture walked a young woman with braided dark blonde hair walking with young boy who was looked about 10-12. Then the silhouette of the horse came back in the view as the small family walked through a meadow during sunset. Then as I drifted back, I feel such an inner peace.
This weekend I’m going back to Wild Winds Buffalo Preserve with my best friend and taking my stick to recharge its energy and perhaps meditate on this vision further.

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