Playing with the Faeries

Playing with the Faeries

Monday, March 11, 2013

Runic Journey #2 3-9-13

Runic Journey #2 3/9/13

I’ve been having a particularly hard time the last few weeks. Death has been my shadow in the form of my second mom being overcome by cancer and now Illness is at hand with my Grandmother in the hospital with pneumonia. Sometimes I think perhaps my shamanic journey the last 6 months has led me to this point in time where strength, compassion and love are things I need to hold onto. The main point being I’m not alone. I have become more aware of my guides and the deities who have chosen to work with me now. They were really there all along just in the shadows waiting until I was ready. Being a shaman is not an easy journey and you are a fool to think otherwise. I choose Saturday for my meditation and prayer to my guides and my bond with the runes. After a day at the Owl with the grounding and centering meditation and then Who is Your Goddess class, it was already well on the way to an intensely spiritual day. There was also a reading by the medium Melissa Morgan and I don’t know if I will share that or not but I will definitely write it down for my own journey book. I have shared it with my love only because he is intricately bound in it and some enlightenment came and I remembered what was once forgotten. But I digress. The reason I wanted to do a special prayer is because I had much sorrow and pain and needed guidance and chose to read the runes after my meditation for validation.

I started out with a simple plea for my guides and deities for help with my shamanic work with my second mom. My main goal for this work was to provide comfort to her and prepare the way for her spirit to leave this plane. I’ve accomplished that partly but there is still more work to be done but it’s not time for that just yet. Then I lit some Dragon’s blood and prepared the runes for the post work.

I started in my sacred grove and sat under Mother Tree, who has shared many visions and embraces with me the last two weeks. Mother Freya appeared first as her particular gifts are what I need at this time and then Odin, whose relationship to me has been very murky until that knowledge was shown to me early in the day. Freya has her hair down and her helmet on and her two cats, I want to call them Muse and Darmia for some reason. She always brings them with her because she knows they comfort me. And then walks up my panther Li and my wolf Lobo. They eat rest their heads in my lap and I pet them one by one. Li is to my left and Lobo is to my right. Odin is to my right and Freya to my left.

They tell me that Momma Lu’s god awaits her and to follow them to see what I must see. We walk for a long time and come to a big oak door and it’s huge and massive and ornate pieces of gold wrap around it and in the middle is such an intense white light that it blinds me. Freya and Odin speak in unison and tell me to call Lu’s angels to help her walk through the gate. The name Michael forms on my lips and in a voice that is my own and not my own. I clap my hands three times and I call down Michael to hold audience with me. One of your own needs you and please come for yours. A beautiful being in gold armor appears to the right side of the gate and he says I have come and I will hold vigil for LuAnn Spears Burks and then to the left I see her ancestors and family members walk up and stand and say we shall hold vigil until the time has come. You shall bring her to us and she will move on. A feeling of dismissal weighs the air down and my deities walk back to the tree with me. Each clasp my shoulder and Freya kisses me on my brow and I feel such a beautiful tickling going up my left arm like I’m wrapped in silk. This is for you she said and walks away. In my right arm, a wave of strength moves up to my shoulder. Then he walks away. My panther and my wolf are always the last to leave me. Wolf and panther both lick my hands and rub them over their fur and I have strong warmth fill my body.

I woke up to my room and the world is crystal clear and then I close my eyes and ask the runes for their help. “Rune spirits, please give me your guidance so I may move forward” A tingling in the back of my neck forms and runs down my body and my hands are guided to the bags of runes and I start pulling them one by one and when I get to the ninth one, a multitude of voices speak in my head and say Look and learn.

Here are the runes I pulled and what meanings came to me.

Right to left

DAGAZ-major transformation, radical transition where ordinary life falls away

KENAZ-reversed-joyful giving up of old ways. Stasis. Death and Rebirth

OTHALA reversed-discard old conditioning and move forward with honesty. Then adapt and wait for universe’s bounty

EIHWAZ- enlightenment, balance, strength

NAUTHIZ-patience, face your fears, major self-change

HAGALAZ-disruption upon awakening from a deep sleep then complete power surge

GEBO-partnership that is separate yet united. Union with the Divine

JERA-seeds have been planted and sown. All is as it should be and patience is necessary. Wait to see the fruits of your labors.

FEHU-wealth, fruits of our labor, creation and destruction, abundance.




In closing, I thanked the rune spirits and then relaxed. I came awake and Mister was to my left.

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