Playing with the Faeries

Playing with the Faeries

Saturday, February 26, 2011

2/26/11 Introspection and Spirituality

Introspection and Spirituality
Today was a wonderful day. We went to Wild Winds Buffalo Preserve and hung out with our voo friends. This helped inspire me to write this piece tonight.
I’m doing my card pull this evening using my new tarot deck.
1st card
Major arcane
2nd card
Green 2
Spiritual Union
3rd card
Green 1
Love Begins
4th card
Chakra 4
Heart Chakra
5th card
Chakra 5
Throat Chakra
6Th card
Green 7
Choose wisely

My interpretation of these cards after my inner musings and book words allow me to come to the following interpretation of my message.

Disruption is caused by scattered energies. Something is causing me to stagnate. This is not all bad news as there are kindred souls in my life who will help me achieve spiritual union and balance and allow me to grow with love and understanding. My heart and throat chakras are in cooperation allowing me to achieve this result. My creative energies encourage my healing and help me become aware of my inner hearing. This all works in unity to achieve my ultimate wish for spiritual balance.
This all follows how my life is going at the moment. My kindred souls are all around me when I get together with them in Indiana. I feel my energy grow and encompass everyone and this helps me gain the balance I need. I help myself as well as others. I want to ask everyone what happens when I’m around them. What energy signatures and things do that feel when I leave myself open. I come to realize this after I left the preserve today. Spending time with my earth companions. Every minute I spend with them I feel myself getting closer to balance. It’s in my grasp just need to open myself to the opportunities made available to me. Doorways opened that I thought were once shut. I feel at peace once more in my chaotic life. After I meet with them, my creative energies flow and allow me the spiritual growth necessary to heal others. I am the teacher as well as the student.
Inner peace is so precious to me. Solitude becomes companionship.
Any thoughts or ideas to share feel free. I’m interested in seeing what all my friends feel about the energies around once we get together. Feel free to share.
Until next time, as always Earthwindwalker

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