Playing with the Faeries

Playing with the Faeries

Sunday, February 6, 2011

2/6/11 Patience and Playfulness

My card pull today was The Green Woman. Imagine that. The one card that I feel is the inner me. She speaks to us of enhancing our innate talents . Boldness and perseverance is needed to face an adversary. But she also reminds us to exercise patience and keep growing.
I find this very prevalent in my life right now. I feel my fruits growing and I by nature am not a patient person. I am a doer not a waiter. I need to keep myself grounded and realize that it will all come. Not much more different than the aftermath of the animal spirit guide calling. In my vision, I was told that things were moving along and I was on the right path. Some days, I feel so stagnant and wonder if I’m going the right way. Now I know I am.
We are over at our friends house in Indiana. Our beautiful friends here are earthy and gifted as well and we got into a nice spiritual discussion after doing reading for one another. I felt we were meant to have these discussions and we each became the teacher for a moment. I find these touches into my spiritual side very rewarding and satisfying and trust that we were meant to be here in this time and place for this purpose to teach and learn. Each of us is a student in some way as well as a teacher. We sometimes are not aware of the teacher moments but they are there. Age makes no difference. Older or younger there are lessons to be learned and taught.
My card pull today makes me laugh because Green Woman is sticking her tongue out and just looks like she is having fun. I need to continue to let my fun and ornery side come out more. This is a good message. It makes you feel so much better and makes the people around you feel the playful energy. She reminds me of the fae that I feel around me when I’m touching my inner child.
Outside it’s snowing. It’s so beautiful to look at and reminds me that all seasons must happen in the circle of life. Time moves too quickly sometimes and we fail to ease back and relax and take it slowly. The way time moves is strictly in your perception of it. That is the true secret of immortality. Your soul and heart lives on and you are always here in one life or another. There is a rare few who see this and grasp it.
My favorite time of the year is spring where everything grows again. It reminds me that I’m always growing.
The epiphanies that come to you at the most strangest of times always astounds me. That is why I’m a writer I think, so I can touch my muse and let my words flow free. This is my freedom, my soul healing. Sometimes my words are beautiful, sometimes bittersweet, sometimes angry, sometimes spiritual. It’s all the way I connect with my muse.
I’m sitting here alone with my thoughts and my muse today which is beautiful Green Woman. Every one else is sleeping and quiet as it should be for this moment of clarity.

As always and until next time,

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