Playing with the Faeries

Playing with the Faeries

Thursday, September 23, 2010

9/22/10 Mabon Ritual


Tonight's entry is inspired by today's celebration of Mabon-Autumnal Equinox.

As I feel this particular Sabbat is cleansing for me and truth seeking, I decided for my ritual to cleanse my tarot decks followed with an outside ritual in the moonlight.

My tarot decks have powerful strength to me and I hope to work better with them in the future so since that is a big part of me, I wanted to cleanse them and start fresh.

After cleansing my deck, I did reading off all three of my decks and my only statement was SHOW ME MY TRUTH. The cards never disappointing did.

The first card I pulled was from my Soul Card deck that one of my spirit sisters gave me as a gift. The card that was pulled was what I refer to as Mother Nature card . It's a picture of a lady in the earth with roots growing from her hands to a tree. My message in this is:

Keep true to myself

Follow the earth path

The second reading I did was with my Divine Tarot deck

I pulled a 3 card spread which I will refer to as Past, Present and Future as this is what felt right to me.


Ace of Swords


Knight of Swords



My message,

Obstacles in my path

mental clutter or just physical or mental blocks

Sharp mind needed, act forcefully on my beliefs, fierce willed, and clever.

Idealistic was also in there, I think that is what I am

Independent mind who wants things on her own terms. Can make the deepest wishes come true or destroy them if crossed. Your dreams or nightmares fulfilled whichever way the mind decides to turn to.

Last but not least, my reading with Faerie Oracle deck. The one that speaks always true to me.

Fee Lion

the Laume

Singer of Chalice

The Master Maker

My message:

Duties unfulfilled-get rid of mental clutter

Give to others freely and generously to get rid of blockage

Random acts of kindness shared with others.

Healing, hope, patience, be open if you don't know how to be open, ask.

Teaching ones craft to others. Make sure to do your very best work. Use the knowledge you are given to do this.

So do you see a common theme here? So after I did this, I decided to go outside and feel the earth and bathe in the moonlight. I just went outside in my underwear and shirt, no sky-clad as I live in a small town. I went outside sat on my blanket, as I sat bathing in the moonlight, I prayed to the Mother for cleansing and truth. I also prayed to help my family, immediate and extended. After that, I put my palms on the ground and feel the Mother's energy fill me and the moonlight embrace me. Then I stood in the dew-filled grass barefoot and gave thanks to all the directions and then thanked the mother for giving me the strength to move forward on my path. In this time, I just chanted whatever came out of my mouth. It was just vocally no words.

After cleansing tears, I came in the house and kissed my hubby and petted all my fur-kids. As I listen to pagan chants, I write this. I hope this helps someone in a little way.

So moving onto my path now.....until the next Sabbat, the most powerful one.

Please read and write your thoughts down about this entry.

As always, thanks for reading

Until next time......

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