Playing with the Faeries

Playing with the Faeries

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Inspiration 9/11/10



Inspiration is but a butterfly in my dreams right now..

but she flies ever so closely to me as visually and musically things are shown to me. She leads me ever so softly. I feel her touch on my hand. Just a memory now but walking closer still to me.

Secret Garden is the absolutely soul resonate to me right now..I'm doing a Secret garden mix now and that butterfly is in my stomach right now. Tears in my eyes...clarity is nearer as each day passes.

What do we all seek...clarity in everyday life and then you have the few who know clarity means so much more. My path with it's twists and turns becomes straighter as each day passes. New things are shown to me and giving me wings to fly.

Spiritual by nature and soul, that's me. I learn more about myself each day. I wonder if this is what ascendancy means. I feel urgency in these teachings.

We are moving into a new direction..a rebirth of sorts and a death of another. A way of life is changing and moving us closer to clarity.

Magic is all around us..but many have closed their eyes to it. The old ways come back to the few that are open to them. Peace or balance whatever you call it.

Music flows softly in my mind..visual pictures come to me slowly. The answers are closer to grasp. My mind is opening and expanding. Taking me back to who I used to be in another lifetime.

I hope that my friends make this journey with me. Open your minds and hearts see who and what you are supposed to be.

Every mind can be open...just gotta to believe in something tangible even if it is intangible right now.

I've met many friends along the way who share my passion...are they placed there by the universe? Are we drawn to one another towards some new goal? Many questions, not enough answers. Cryptic messages are shown and you need to open your eyes to see the truth of things.

My fingers type on this page but is it really me? Sometimes I wonder. Maybe it is me just another aspect of me. The teacher teaching the student or vice versa.

I feel such a creative energy within me right now. A floodgate being opened. The images and words flow freely in no discernible pattern. Glimpses of truth pour from my keyboard. I feel such a need to write everything down. The pen is full of ink and needs to be used. Is this how every writer feels?? Such an urgency. If you can't write fast enough will it be lost?

Beauty is such a fickle thing. One's version of beauty is different from another. Physical for others. What one finds as ugliness, I see as beauty. I know i'm not alone in seeing this. The broken souls find their way to me. Am I supposed to heal them? It's hard to heal when you don't know what you are doing.

But I digress. My fingers write and I bleed my soul onto this white page. I see this as an opportunity. Glass half full made full. What another sees as emptiness, I see whole. The knowledge I write makes sense to the people who know me. What you see as nonsense really makes sense if you open yourself up to it.

Ramblings and free flow is how I write best. A lot of times, I don't even know what I write until I read it much later. A kind of auto writing. I open my mind as the music plays and purging of my soul commences.

I'm dancing inside to the music as it flows into my ears. Freeing my soul at last.

Tell me what inspires you. I really want to know. Don't be afraid to write.

I hope to show my new and old friends, a glimpse into my soul. If it scares you, I'm sorry. If you want to join me on this journey, please email me or chat with me in any of the social mediums. I want people who share my passion for the spiritual truth that all elude us. Perhaps you will learn something new. Something that frees your soul. That is my goal to free people's souls and connect them with their minds.

Until next time,


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