Playing with the Faeries

Playing with the Faeries

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Journey Book Excerpt

My path is my own with many twist and turns. Layers of beliefs put together in a hodgepodge . I started as a Wicca practitioner. Spell-work came easy to me but couldn't agree with the god/goddess persona. I've always did divination with tarot decks. My first deck was Hanson Roberts. Moon and earth energy has always surrounded me. Flash forward a few years and my path led me to spirit guides. Goddess persona popped in here for a bit as I was drawn to Frey. Freya and the Norse mythology has always fascinated me. I've always prophetic dreams since I was young. Animals are drawn to me especially cats, feral and tame. This twist is very predominate in my belief system today. I've just incorporated into other things. Native American shamanism became something of interest to me. But again, some of their rituals didn't fit me. Though shamanism is much of what I believe ..a lot with soul healing and astral projection. There comes another twist, spell-work comes into play again. We shall see where it goes.

Now a new experience shows itself to me, through my oldest daughter and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend is ill informed and misguided when it comes to the pagan way of life. My next task is to find out whether it is real or just a fantasy for him. He's into the dark/shadow side of things but I think most of that is romanticized by today’s books and movies. My goal is to share knowledge with him so he can become informed and is guided right. Through this, I've talking to a few of my mentors. A natural witch and a Wicca couple as well as my own spiritual husband. I feel it's another twist in my path.

Today my belief system encompasses ideals from the following pathways:





Natural Witch

Animal Work



Soul Healing

Moon cycles

Astral Projection


Let me break down the parts of these that I am drawn to.

Norse-being Scandinavia and Finnish in my origins, their stories and music resonate deep within me. Shamanism is a part of this. In a shaman's point of view everything has a soul. Again, this flows with my belief in everything has a soul.

Celtic Shamanism-power animal totems and the 3 levels of the world. This is another thing that draws me

Druidism-the Sabbats

Natural Witch-pretty much defines me. Healing. Working with animals. Divination ability, intuition, spell-work, Sabbats

While I was discussing spiritual things with one of my mentors, we have put me in the lump of natural witch. That has a lot of the characteristics with what I believe in and throw in a few extras:)

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  1. Hello Heather:
    Found this entry particularly resonated w/me. My belief system also incorporates many different world views. I wrote a recent post myself on this topic. Check it out:
    Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!