Playing with the Faeries

Playing with the Faeries

Monday, June 28, 2010

Ramblings Spurned by Phone Call in the Car


Phone calls and thoughts in the car..Ranting warned.

So I was talking to my cousin whom I lovingly call bitch about things today. We always have meaningful discussions. We got started on the way the world is today and it escalated so I had to come home and write my thoughts on it.

First of all, I love Mother Earth and try to do what I can. I'm just appalled at the gulf oil disgusts me that BP has the fucking technology but they don't want to lose the oil so this spill continues. Ruining ecosystems and they are fucking arrogant enough to assume that fucking mother nature won't wipe out your asses.

These crazy weather patterns are just a warning. Mother Nature is pissed and she is getting rid of us. It's not fucking Armageddon...God isn't showing his wrath. If there is a God, he's indifferent and we are just specks of grass to him. Mother Nature on the other hand thinks we are weeds in her garden and she is systemically getting rid of the weed with weedkillers such as tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, hurricane, tsunami and other high powered shit.

I'd rather be killed by the Mother because it's the natural order of things. Mother Nature was here millenniums before us and she will be here millenniums after us. We are nothing to her anymore. We are just in her space and she is cleaning house.

I looked at the moon tonight...such beauty and energy flow... I feel it in my soul. It makes me wanna dance in the moonlight..

I think I may do a practice read after a bit with my new deck. It calls me so gently. Good energy to do it tonight too if I'm not too tired.

That's my rant........thanks for following down this path today.

Peace and balance,

Heather aka Earthwindwalker.

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