Playing with the Faeries

Playing with the Faeries

Sunday, November 21, 2010

11/21/10 SmOke Trail Spellwork



If I ever needed validation for my spell-work I found it tonight. I tried my hand at financial gain spell, good luck spell, and employment spell. As the incense and candle burned......the wisps of smoke embraced me and went right around me. Every time, I moved my hands to encourage the smoke to come to me, it did and the smell filled my nostrils and I feel at peace and not alone in this life. As I write it still dances around me,, faces appear in the smoke as well as a little path and I could see smoke people dancing up the path. Laughter bubbled up inside of me and I was filled with awe. What an amazing experience after my first spell-work.
I'm so excited and hopeful now....:) My cat is looking at the smoke people too.:)

Here is the poem that came across my head when I was sitting in the smoke.:)

Wisps of smoke dance around me
Faces appear as they get close
Such comforts I feel as it touches me.
The smell of tranquility comes over me.
I am not alone in this mad world.
Pathways form in the trails
Smiles form and it flows
beside me in a fanciful melody.
Laughter bubbles inside of me.
Awe fills me.
Peace embraces me.

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