Playing with the Faeries

Playing with the Faeries

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Small Blessings 11/7/10


I took down last nights blog due to some unacceptable comments that people were saying. But I have a good one to write down today.
After last night's stress, I got a wonderful email today. We have been struggling with bills and everything since Ryan has been out of work so buying clothes for the kids is just not in our budget. A few weeks ago, I posted about clothes for Tier and a wonderful lady responsed and she gave me 2 bags full of almost new clothes and a warm winter jacket. So I decided to try my luck with Abby's clothes and got two dead ends then last night I got a wonderful email from a benefactor I'm not going to name who offered us some money from his fund from a local church which helps children to buy her some new and nice clothes. At first, I was skeptical then I got a confirming email about it. So now we can buy Abby some clothes. Me and one of my best friends are going to shop and get some deals. Bless the divine universe for sending this blessing my way and bless that lovely man who found it in his heart to help my child in need.
Not only did that happen but Abby and i have been having a good day today and she decided to ride with Ryan to drop Cassie off. Small baby steps work. So I feel very blessed and thankful for these small blessings. It brings my faith back in myself and humanity in general. There are good people out there and sometimes small blessings are really little bits of luck in disguise.
I'm going to thank this gentleman in my prayers tonight.
that's all....
Peace and balance everyone.

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