Playing with the Faeries

Playing with the Faeries

Saturday, December 3, 2016

HTS 30 Day Magical Item Challenge-Day 2

0 Day Magical Item Challenge-Day 2

Tonight, I started my ritual by cleansing my space with Sage, I moved clockwise and then smudged myself.

Herbal infusion of the bowl. To accomplish this, I was told to put the following herbs in the bowl and keep them in it overnight. I initially thought it would be 6 but it ended up being 9 herbs.They were put the bowl in a clockwise pattern, starting with the 12th hour position.

Lilac- draws protection spirits, faery communication, helps recall past lives
Yarrow Flower- courage, love, psychic powers, purification
White Willow Bark-  Lunar energy, water, and magic. Signifies transformation and rebirth.
Lemongrass- psychic powers, spiritual growth, purification
Jasmine-  Love, money, prophetic dreams, emotional inner peace and calm of mind
Rosemary- Protection, love, purification, healing, good luck, psychic development
Sweetgrass- Healing, peace, and attracts positive energies
Sage and Tobacco were put in the center of the bowl.
Sage- Purification, wisdom, and longevity
Tobacco- Healing and purification


Next, I played Gary Stadler Radio Station on Pandora and let the program choose what songs would be used. As I played the songs, I lay back down with the crown chakra touching the bowl and sent healing and psychic energy to the bowl. I felt tingling on my crown chakra and then put my hand on the side of the bowl.

Song List:
Breath of Love
Athair Ar Neamh
Keys to the Heart

After the songs finished, I laid face down with my crown chakra touching the bowl and my hands holding the bowl while I sent prayers  into it so that it would help the person who receives this with what they need.

I smudged the arm and closed the circle, thanking and acknowledging all who joined me in the ritual.

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