Playing with the Faeries

Playing with the Faeries

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

11/30/10 Ode to the Muse

Ode to the Muse

the pale form stands
at the edge of the
forest of introspection.
She whispers a prayer
as the breeze
plays with her hair.
A moment of thought
she breathes life
into the lines of the
Blank canvas becomes
a kaleidoscope of
Dreams become
Pictures become words
And so the ocean
of inspiration flows.
Never-ending just
ebbing and flowing
A mirror stands
by the wheel of time
as she looks in the
Another world is
born from her eyes
her fingers grasp
the pen
Her mouth forms
the words that
beg to be written
Her fate hangs in
balance as she
Birds fly in
read the words
in the sand
and fly into
Trilling her song
to the masses.
She waits and
watches to see
who can hear the
poetry in the music
The select few
who understand
the words in the
music energize her.
Her life is brought
forth from those.
Her spirit flies
towards reality.
I am one of the few
And her shadow
stands behind me
Watching my fingers
Whispering her power
within me.
The page is then
filled for the readers
of this world.
Her hope swells
Her power grows
And the beauty and
magic is found again.
Freedom is gained.
For this moment in time.

I was sitting her waiting for my computer to load and this flowed from my fingers. A whispering of a dream. My creative energy is vitalized for this moment in time. Tell me about your muse.

Until next time,


Monday, November 29, 2010

11/29/10 Simple Clarity

11/29/10 Inspired by a poem I heard..
memories flow gracefully from ones body as the words are written by pen...scars torn open to flow again...hands grasping and embracing. New beginnings start again.
Inspiration is but a butterfly learning to use its wings:)
memories flow gracefully
from one's body as the
words are written by pen
scars torn open to flow again
hands grasping and embracing
new beginnings, start again

inspiration is but a butterfly
learning to use its wings

free flow words
bleed onto the page
in the book of regret

sadness flows freely
as the madness begins
clarity is sought
in a web spun of dead ends
knowledge is power
of creation or destruction
you pick your poison

pen strokes flee the
paper unnaturally
the words are spun
in the air
creating a spell
to disrupt the flow
of thoughts in my head

fantasy eludes my grasp
as I fight off reality
my relief comes slowly
in the form of a light
a beacon in the never ending
storm of despair

clarity is found again in the
simplest of dreams
where it was there waiting
for me to seek it
peace enfolds me as
the realization sinks in
that I’m not alone

once again,
I’m closer
to truth
that I thought
was lost in trails of

Misdirection disguised
as a fork in the road.
Follow my instincts
and everything works
out as it should.

So the ending is
really a beginning.
A transformation of sorts
Complication becomes
It always was.
Just needed to ask the
right questions.

As always, my words written are unknown to me until I read them back. It's like my muse follows me into enlightenment and types with her fingers through me. Words become sentences and sentences become paragraphs. Simple yet complicated. I can't describe the feeling. I just feel my fingers type and don't know what is written until the end. Profound words of wisdom disguised in poetry.
What is your muse and inspiration? Please comment and share.
Until next time, Earth

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

11/24/10 Ramblings of a Spiritual Seeker

11/24/10 Ramblings of a Spiritual Seeker
Tonight's inspiration is just random things. 
I was thinking about Mother Earth tonight and here is my hypotheses. I think we are in continuous cycles here. We are starting all over again. This is why there is the technology is more advanced in the years past. We are in the industrial age again and Mother Earth is going through her cycle again. I think we as a species are arrogant to assume there were not others here before that invented the technology that we haven't even be able to recreate again. The lucky few who do realize this are blessed. I believe in reincarnation and that we have lived many lifetimes and are continuously reborn into something or someone else and there are a few who actually know that they were here before. It explains a lot of things. 
I also want to reflect on thankfulness. I'm thankful because I'm here alive another day. I'm thankful for my family and my friends who are really extended family. I'm thankful I have a roof over my head, food in my belly, tv & internet, and my kids are healthy if not always happy. There are a lot of people out there that do not have this. Small blessings are counted every day. Whether it be a bill that will wait or a bit of news that brightens our day. It is all measured and counted and I thank the universe/divine for it every night in my introspective time. My introspective time is usually the time just before bed where I lay there and list all the things I'm thankful for and things that I pray for. Whether it be a bit of luck or a message of goodwill. This is really what prayer is to me. And I usually see results. You have the power within to make your destiny. You just need to find it.
I think that is all that flows from my head right now. Feel free to post what you are thankful for. Your thoughts on prayer and Mother Earth herself.
Until next time, Peace be with you

Sunday, November 21, 2010

11/21/10 SmOke Trail Spellwork



If I ever needed validation for my spell-work I found it tonight. I tried my hand at financial gain spell, good luck spell, and employment spell. As the incense and candle burned......the wisps of smoke embraced me and went right around me. Every time, I moved my hands to encourage the smoke to come to me, it did and the smell filled my nostrils and I feel at peace and not alone in this life. As I write it still dances around me,, faces appear in the smoke as well as a little path and I could see smoke people dancing up the path. Laughter bubbled up inside of me and I was filled with awe. What an amazing experience after my first spell-work.
I'm so excited and hopeful now....:) My cat is looking at the smoke people too.:)

Here is the poem that came across my head when I was sitting in the smoke.:)

Wisps of smoke dance around me
Faces appear as they get close
Such comforts I feel as it touches me.
The smell of tranquility comes over me.
I am not alone in this mad world.
Pathways form in the trails
Smiles form and it flows
beside me in a fanciful melody.
Laughter bubbles inside of me.
Awe fills me.
Peace embraces me.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

11/14/10 Faerie Nature Dance

Today's Inspiration: random faerie and pagan music.
Wind blowing through my hair
Bare feet touching earth
Warmth radiates my body
The fire dancer moves
Laughter fills the air
Drumbeats resonate
My body moves in time
with the fire people.
Feel the reverberation
in my soul
Dance around fire
Leaping flames
From the deep woods,
nature sprites join
the rhythmic dance
Hands touch mine
Feeling no pain
Just warmth embrace
Magic is all around.
Blinders are off
The world unseen
bares all to me.
I find my place
in this world and
the next.
Hands clasping
and unclasping
Many becomes one
Slowly I awaken
and feel refreshed.
Wind blows again
I walk away.
Until the next dream.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Nostalgia & Music 11/11/10

Nostalgia and Music


Nostalgia and Music are tonight’s inspirations. Per request of my sis, Opie who wanted to listen to some of my videos, I posted them again. This in turn lead me down the music memory lane and I re-listened to all my videos and wav files I did.
In the process, I found the old one of me and my sis Chell when we were 15 and recording into a cassette recorder.
Music has always been a part of my soul. I sang daily a few years ago and need to get back into it. I miss it. Sang karaoke a few weeks ago and really made me want to get back into it again. One of my new friends is in Williams County Idol and she is stressing about her performance tomorrow night. I told her just breathe and let the music flow from your soul. That is a good rule of thumb for everyone. Feel free to take a listen to my videos and please let me know what you think.
So ends tonight’s post,Earth

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Small Blessings 11/7/10


I took down last nights blog due to some unacceptable comments that people were saying. But I have a good one to write down today.
After last night's stress, I got a wonderful email today. We have been struggling with bills and everything since Ryan has been out of work so buying clothes for the kids is just not in our budget. A few weeks ago, I posted about clothes for Tier and a wonderful lady responsed and she gave me 2 bags full of almost new clothes and a warm winter jacket. So I decided to try my luck with Abby's clothes and got two dead ends then last night I got a wonderful email from a benefactor I'm not going to name who offered us some money from his fund from a local church which helps children to buy her some new and nice clothes. At first, I was skeptical then I got a confirming email about it. So now we can buy Abby some clothes. Me and one of my best friends are going to shop and get some deals. Bless the divine universe for sending this blessing my way and bless that lovely man who found it in his heart to help my child in need.
Not only did that happen but Abby and i have been having a good day today and she decided to ride with Ryan to drop Cassie off. Small baby steps work. So I feel very blessed and thankful for these small blessings. It brings my faith back in myself and humanity in general. There are good people out there and sometimes small blessings are really little bits of luck in disguise.
I'm going to thank this gentleman in my prayers tonight.
that's all....
Peace and balance everyone.