Playing with the Faeries

Playing with the Faeries

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Storyteller's Tale

Okay all my beautiful butterflies, off to dance with the dream wizards. Their constant yammering drives me crazy. It's a lot like my muse who grasps my hand then lets go leading me on a merry chase across the land of imagination:

These sentences inspired a poem.

There once was a tale that a traveler spoke
Of a land where the dream wizards float
in a castle way up high
Where only butterflies know how to fly
Their constant yammering drove some folk
To grasp and pen and write
The muse leads them on a merry chase
across the land of imagination.
What one finds is never known but the
latest one spoke of two princesses who
wandered by a meadow of butterflies
They giggled with delight as they
soared in flight
Dancing in the moonlight.
This tale is very well known
to storytellers every night.